About us

The company was founded in 2005. From the very beginning, its aim was to achieve a leading position in the market of PVC and aluminum profiles by investing in new technologies and implementing innovative design solutions.

In the segment of custom made products Hosten produces PVC and aluminum profiles for the construction industry, automotive industry, furniture industry, etc..

In the segment of general-use profiles Hosten offers the range of protective systems under the Vegas brand.

Currently, the Vegas system features nine internal roller blind systems:

  • Vegas Classic
  • Vegas Classic Day&Night
  • Vegas Classic XL
  • Vegas Classic XL Day&Night
  • Vegas Profil
  • Vegas Profil Day&Night
  • Vegas Mini
  • Vegas Mix
  • Vegas Klaudia

primary product: the innovative roller shutter system Vegas Revo, and also the insect screen system Vegas Mosquito, including the solutions for doors and windows.

Innovation policy

In its activities, Hosten puts great emphasis on the development and improvement of products offered to its customers. The later is evidenced by the numerous innovative solutions, implemented in the company's products, outranking the competitive products not only in functionality but also in aesthetics.

Technical solutions marketed by Hosten Polska are protected by exclusive rights under obtained patents or pending patent applications and the aesthetic solutions are protected as polish and community registered industrial designs.

Hosten's innovation policy stands also for a continuous, consistent implementation of technical improvements and new technologies in production processes in the company.


Below you will find a short movie presenting our company.