Hosten manufactures a wide range of custom PVC and aluminium profiles for construction industry, automotive industry, furniture industry.


In the segment of general-use profiles Hosten offers the range of protective systems under the Vegas brand.

Currently, the Vegas system features seven internal roller blind systems:

  • Vegas Classic
  • Vegas Classic XL
  • Vegas Profil
  • Vegas Profil Day&Night
  • Vegas Mini
  • Vegas Mix
  • Vegas Klaudia

primary product: the innovative roller shutter system Vegas Revo, and also the insect screen system Vegas Mosquito, including the solutions for doors and windows.



Internal roller blind systems


Vegas Classic

Vegas Classic is an extremely popular, highly recognized by the customers roller blind system in the elegant, streamlined cassette made of PVC or aluminium. Cassette is attached to the glazing beads with 4 screws, it does not damage the window frame. System features flat aluminium/PVC runners, stuck with a foam tape to the glazing beads.


Vegas Classic XL

A variant of Vegas Classic system in the elegant, streamlined cassette of increased capacity made of aluminium. Cassette is attached to the glazing beads with 4 screws, it does not damage the window frame. System features flat aluminium/PVC runners, stuck with a foam tape to the glazing beads.


Vegas Profil

System in the cassette installed to the window profile with use of special aluminium latch adapters stuck to the window frame with a doublesided adhesive tape. Such construction allows you to repeatedly take the cassette off the window for purposes of cleaning or conservation and afterwards, to put it back again without tools or substantial effort. Its extremely capacious cassette made of aluminium allows to install Vegas Profil roller blind even on windows over 3 metres high and 2 metres wide.


Vegas Profil Day&Night

Vegas Profil Day&Night roller blinds are manufactured basing on components of a standard Vegas Profil system. Usage of double-wound fabric with texture of parallel strips of different light transmittance, Vegas Profil Day&Night allows you to easily control the flow of light into the room.


Vegas Mini

Vegas Mini is the roller blind without a cassette, running on strings. Unlike the well-known competitive solutions, the strings of Vegas Mini run under the fabric, not beside it. That is why you will not catch your hand on it while operating the window, whereas the roller blind itself does not catch on the window handle. Thanks to its light structure it looks splendid on each window.


Vegas Mix

Vegas Mix roller blind system is a highly innovative product of many aesthetic and functional advantages. It is a system in the cassette an it operates using special string runners. Thanks to the later and the unique spring mechanism used for pulling down or rolling up the fabric, both the cassette and the bottom bar can be moved to freely set the roller blind’s position on the window and thus determine the way and extent to which the window is covered. Vegas Mix roller blind can be installed both on the top of the window, as well as on the bottom  keeping its functionality. Such solution allows to darken e.g. exclusively the bottom part of the window, leaving its top part open.

Vegas Klaudia

System features aluminium cassette with flat guides, screw-mounted to the glazing beads with optional non-invasive mounting with adhesive tape that makes it possible to remove the blind from the window easily. Stylish shape of the cassette with unusually low profile makes it possible to install Klaudia on windows with very narrow recess and you do not need to worry about opening the window. Thanks to the use of new generation winding mechanism, Klaudia, in spite of the lowered side profile, offers the same volume as the Classic roller blind. The set is complete with floral motifs on side panels.


External roller blind systems


Vegas Revo


Company's latest product in the category of external shutters. Universal system of roller shutter boxes mounted onto the window frame, featuring a spectrum of innovative solutions. System is characterised by a very easy assembly and installation, as well as by the comfort of use.


Insect screen systems


Vegas Mosquito door and window insect screen


A system of exquisite frame insect screens for everyone, looking for an effective solution against the insects entering apartments and houses through the windows and doors during the summer season. Stiff profiles allow constructing frames of substantial dimensions and available wide range of colours and veneers will fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding users.