System components:

1.   Self-braking mechanism Vegas
2.   Side plate Vegas Classic
3.   Pipe bushing
4.   Side cover Vegas Classic full
5.   Side cover Vegas Classic with eyelet
6.   Bottom bar cap Day&Night
7.   8 mm pipe caps

8.   Vegas Classic ALU Day&Night cassette
9.   Pipe ø 18 mm
10. Pipe ø 8 mm Day&Night
11. Vegas bottom bar
12. Flat runner 30 mm / 33 mm / rounded

13. Mounting strip 6 mm
14. Pull chain
15. Chain clip (set)
16. Pull chain weight
17. Foam tape 8 mm
18. Polyester tape 15 mm
19. Countersunk screws 3 x 12 mm
20. Brush seal / rubber gasket
21. Fabric roll

Vegas Classic Day&Night

Vegas Classic Day&Night is a variant of an extremely popular, highly recognized by the customers roller blind system Classic, in the elegant, streamlined cassette made of aluminium. Cassette is attached to the glazing beads with 4 screws, it does not damage the window frame. System features flat aluminium/PVC runners, stuck with a foam tape to the glazing beads.

This system is not only a functional, but also a very decorative solution for your window.  Using the system of double-wound fabric with texture of parallel strips of different light transmittance, Vegas Classic Day&Night allows you to easily control the flow of light into the room.


The cassette of Vegas Classic Day&Night system is also equipped with a special groove for mounting of the second edge of the fabric throughout its entire length, which guarantees a safe hold of the edge of fabric in the cassette.


The roller blind contains the VEGAS mechanism, a reliable driving unit installed on the external side of the side plate that allows easy assembly/disassembly and possible technical control of the roller blind.

The VEGAS mechanism  allows also to stop the fabric at any height, without the need to attach the pull chain of the roller blind to any hooks.


The Vegas Classic Day&Night cassette can be equipped alternatively with Klaudia mechanism and pipe of smaller diameter of 13,5 mm, which significantly increases the capacity of the cassette. This execution variant is recommended for high and narrow windows (up to 90 cm width).


More information about this execution variant of the Classic Day&Night roller blind: Vegas Classic Day&Night roller blind with Klaudia mechanism.


The bottom bar features special guides, stabilizing the motion of the bar along the runners, thereby enabling an even winding of fabric. It is also designed to  be equipped with a decorative frill,  rubber gasket or brush seal that prevents dust from entering.


Vegas Classic Day&Night is available only in the aluminium cassette.


Colours available: white (aluminium, coated), brown (aluminium, coated)

Wood-like veneers available: mahogany, golden oak, rustic oak, walnut, pine (aluminium)

Maximum width of the blind: 170 cm
Maximum height of the blind: 140 cm