System components:

1.   Self-braking mechanism Vegas Klaudia
2.   Side plate Vegas Klaudia left
3.   Side plate Vegas Klaudia right
4.   Pipe bushing
5.   Side cover Vegas Klaudia full
6.   Side cover Vegas Klaudia with eyelet
7.   Flat runner cap Vegas Klaudia left
8.   Flat runner cap Vegas Klaudia right

9.   Vegas Klaudia ALU cassette
10. Pipe ø 13,5 mm
11. Vegas bottom bar
12. Vegas Klaudia flat runner

13. Bottom bar weighing rod (steel 4 mm)
14. Mounting strip 6 mm
15. Bottom bar guide left
16. Bottom bar guide right
17. Latch adapter 15 mm
18. Pull chain
19. Pull chain clip  (set)
20. Pull chain weight
21. Foam tape 8 mm
22. Foam tape 12 mm
23. Polyester tape 15 mm
24. Countersunk screws 3 x 12 mm
25. Brush seal / rubber gasket
26. Fabric roll

Vegas Klaudia

Vegas Klaudia - a roller blind system, that incorporates modern technical solutions that make its assembly and use much simpler. It is a perfect selection for people who wish to combine unique design with advanced construction that assures long, fault-free operation.


System features aluminium cassette with flat guides, screw-mounted to the glazing beads with optional non-invasive mounting with adhesive tape that makes it possible to remove the blind from the window easily.

It combines the best features of the Vegas family. Stylish shape of the cassette with unusually low profile makes it possible to install Klaudia on windows with very narrow recess and you do not need to worry about opening the window.

Thanks to the use of new generation winding mechanism, Klaudia, in spite of the lowered side profile, offers the same volume as the Classic roller blind. The set is complete with floral motifs on side panels.

The bottom bar features special guides, stabilizing the motion of the bar along the runners, thereby enabling an even winding of fabric. It is designed to be equipped with a decorative frill, rubber gasket or brush seal that prevents dust from entering.
Colours available: white (aluminium, coated)

Wood-like veneers available: mahogany, golden oak, rustic oak, walnut, pine (aluminium)


Maximum width of the blind: 170 cm


Maximum height of the blind: 160 cm