System components:

1.   Vegas mechanism
2.   Side plate Vegas Mini
3.   Pipe bushing Vegas Mini
4.   Side cover Vegas Mini full (universal)
5.   Side cover Vegas Mini with eyelet
6.   Nest module Vegas Mini
7.   String tensioner
8.   Bottom bar guide Vegas Mini

9.   Pipe ø 18 mm
10. Bottom bar Vegas

11. Mounting strip 6 mm
12. Pull chain
13. Pull chain clip (set)
14. Pull chain weight
15. String
16. Non-invasive anchor bottom
17. Non-invasive anchor top
18. Polyester tape 15 mm
19. Countersunk screws 3 x 12 mm
20. Brush seal / rubber gasket
21. Fabric roll

Vegas Mini

Vegas Mini is the roller blind without a cassette, running on strings. Unlike the well-known competitive solutions, the strings of Vegas Mini run under the fabric, not beside it. That is why you will not catch your hand on it while operating the window, whereas the roller blind itself does not catch on the window handle. Thanks to its light structure it looks splendid on each window.


This roller blind is designed to be installed on a window leaf, as well as on its recess. Special fixing anchors allow non-invasive assembly of Vegas Mini roller blinds on the window. Unique bottom fixing of the strings allows to regulate their strain.

The roller blind contains the VEGAS mechanism, a reliable driving unit installed on the external side of the side plate that allows easy assembly/disassembly and possible technical control of the roller blind.

The VEGAS mechanism allows also to stop the fabric at any height, without the need to attach the pull chain of the roller blind to any hooks.
The bottom bar features special guides, stabilizing the motion of the bar along the strings, thereby enabling an even winding of fabric. Bottom bar is designed to  be equipped with a decorative frill,  rubber gasket or brush seal that prevents dust from entering.

Colours available: white, brown

Wood-like veneers available: mahogany, golden oak, rustic oak, walnut, pine


Maximum width of the blind: 170 cm

Maximum height of the blind: 230 cm