System components:

1.   Spring module Vegas Mix
2.   Side plate Vegas Mix
3.   Pipe bushing Vegas Mix
4.   Side cover Vegas Mix left
5.   Side cover Vegas Mix right
6.   Grip (handle)
7.   String tensioner
8.   String mount cap
9.   String guide left
10. String guide right
11. String mount
12. Round cap
13. String tension screw

14. Cassette Vegas Mix (aluminium)
15. Pipe ø 13 mm Vegas Mix
16. Bottom bar Vegas Mix

17. Mounting strip 6 mm
18. Nylon string ø 0,7 mm
19. Polyester tape 15 mm
20. Countersunk screw 3 x 12 mm
21. Countersunk screw 2,5 x 12 mm
22. Countersunk screw 2,5 x 16 mm
23. Brush seal / rubber gasket
24. Fabric

Vegas Mix

Vegas Mix roller blind system is a highly innovative product of many aesthetic and functional advantages. It is a system in the cassette an it operates using special string runners.


Thanks to the later and the unique spring mechanism used for pulling down or rolling up the fabric, both the cassette and the bottom bar can be moved to freely set the roller blind’s position on the window and thus determine the way and extent to which the window is covered.

Vegas Mix roller blind can be installed both on the top of the window, as well as on the bottom  keeping its functionality. Such solution allows to darken e.g. exclusively the bottom part of the window, leaving its top part open.

Moreover, Vegas Mix is equipped with the system regulating the strain of the strings and the pulling of the spring which rolls up the fabric of the roller blind.

In addition, this roller blind can be installed to the glazing beads permanently, using fixing holes provided in the structure of the cassette.

The bottom bar is designed to  be equipped with a decorative frill,  rubber gasket or brush seal that prevents dust from entering.


The compact shape of Vegas Mix cassette makes it match every window perfectly, remaining inconspicuous due to its dimensions.


Colours available: white, brown (aluminium, coated)

Wood-like veneers available: mahogany, golden oak, rustic oak, walnut, pine (aluminium)


Maximum width of the blind: 150 cm

Maximum height of the blind: 130 cm