System components:

1. Frame profile (door) Vegas Mosquito
2. Corner joint (door) Vegas Mosquito
3. Door hinge Vegas Mosquito
4. Crossbar profile Vegas Mosquito
5. Insect screen
6. Rubber gasket O-shaped
7. Brush seal 9 mm grey
8. Screw hardened 4 mm x 40 mm
9. Screw 2,9 mm x 16 mm

Door insect screen Vegas Mosquito

New Vegas Mosquito door insect screen is a perfect product for everyone looking for an effective solution against the insects entering apartments and houses through the doors during the summer season.


The particular advantages of the Vegas Mosquito door insect screen is the aestethic look of the frame profiles and their stiffness in spite of low-profile, light construction.


The construction of the Vegas Mosquito door insect screen frame is based on the system of the internal corner joints, that allow to combine theprofiles previously cut at the right angle in the aesthetic way (by clamping), so that the combining spots stay virtually invisible.  

Vegas Mosquito door insect screen frame has also been equipped with a crossbar profile, shaped in such way, so that its internal side creates a comfortable grip area for opening and closing the screen frame.

As the part of the system equipment, a small and handy clamping device is given at the disposal, making the work with the system even easier.  

Vegas Mosquito door insect screen can be equipped with standard door hinges or self-closing hinges as well.

Stiff profiles allow to execute door insect screen frames of maximum dimensions 1300 mm width and 2400 mm height. Vegas Mosquito door insect screen can be easily hidden under the shutter of a standard Vegas Revo roller shutter box.


Profiles are available in 6 m long slats, which minimizes the production waste.



Colours available: white coated, brown coated (RAL 8019), mahogany coated (RAL 8015), golden oak coated (RAL 8003), walnut coated (RAL 8028).

 Wood-like veneers available: mahogany, golden oak, rustic oak, walnut and pine (aluminium)

Maximum width of the frame: (approx. value): 130 cm


 Maximum height of the frame: (approx. value): 240 cm